Gov. Phil Murphy is an embarrassment. And I think he even knows it now.

His looking away and fudging when he was asked his most difficult question yet was so cringeworthy I almost felt bad for him. Almost. New Jersey101.5’a David Matthau challenged him at a press conference and he was unable to answer the tough question regarding his double standard in cozying up to protesters and defying his own executive order.

When the question was posed to Murphy about why he protested shoulder to shoulder with protesters in a George Floyd anger fest (when smaller gatherings are still forbidden), he had a typical non-answer.

Not that his double standard surprises me, but it’s shocking that nobody else has quoted his almost laughable response.

Here’s how it went.

Matthau: “[People are] confused and concerned and, in some cases, angered that you are picking and choosing how the executive order that you created Is being applied. Why are protests with hundreds and thousands of people shoulder to shoulder, some without masks, being allowed but other gatherings that affect peoples livelihoods and other things like graduations that can be properly social distanced are still not being allowed?”

Then he went on to the challenge of the governor about his constant whining (my word, not David's) about science, data and facts being applicable to the “entire state of New Jersey.” That’s unless, of course, it comes to Murphy and his pandering. (Watch the whole exchange, courtesy of here). His answer was double talking nonsense, condescending and evasive ... something about how this is a different moment in our lives and you just can’t tell people not to be angry. Huh? If it weren’t so sad it would actually be funny.

He also implied that other protests that occurred during COVID-19 were handled similarly with leeway given to the protesters. Really? That’s not what we heard from people who protested the closing of their businesses and were treated like insolent school children being warned to stay in their cars and not get out and threatened summonses if they sue. If anybody bought any of this garbage please let me know. Because I didn’t and I don’t know anybody who did. Of all the moments of which Murphy should be ashamed, this one deserves more shame than any. not that we’d expect anything else.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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