In the latest distraction for the complicit media to hide the truth from voters, Gov. Murphy is fighting to protect interracial marriages.

At what point in recent history have marriages between people of different races are in jeopardy? In 1967 the Supreme Court ruled that any race-based marriage laws were not legal.

That's it, there is no action to my knowledge anywhere in the country to bring an action that would change that fact.

This move by Murphy and the majority Democrats was purely political to conflate the overturning of a bad ruling (Roe) and let people falsely think that a conservative court was going to jeopardize civil rights.

Remember that when the far-left radicals start talking about conservatives coming for your rights, it's most likely that they are planning another unconstitutional power grab.

After allowing radical domestic terrorists to burn Washington on Jan. 20, 2017, to protest Trump.s inauguration, they distract everyone by weaponizing the justice system with Jan. 6 and falsely claiming there was an insurrection afoot.

It was simply not an insurrection, but the radicals often ignore facts that disrupt their narrative.

Leading left-wing politicians claimed throughout Trump's four years that he was an illegitimate president and the election was rigged by the Russians.

Then Trump and his supporters claim that 2020 was rigged, and he's indicted dozens of times, impeached and shamed by the media as a "threat to our democracy."

Give me a break.

Former President Donald Trump boards his personal plane at Miami International Airport
Former President Donald Trump boards his personal plane at Miami International Airport (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


You know what is a threat to our "democracy"? First, calling it a democracy instead of the actually definition of our nation's government, a constitutional republic.

The misinformation campaign is designed to break down support for the First and Second Amendments allowing people to think that our rights are subject to election results and a politician can overturn basic constitutional rights.

In New Jersey, it is our own government in Trenton, aided in part by a weak opposition Republican Party, which closed our churches, schools, businesses, parks, playgrounds and forced people indoors and into isolation.

New Jersey State House
New Jersey State House, located in Trenton, NJ. (Photo via AP)

It was the Trenton government that pushed through mandates threatening the jobs of working and middle-class workers if they did not submit to a vaccine that we now know, did not stop recipients from getting or spreading the virus and has caused millions of reported adverse effects across the world, and the lawsuits are just getting underway.

The Trenton regime also refuses to keep spending in check while ignoring basic infrastructure needs like roads, bridges and flood mitigation.

They push for inefficient wind power that will be a blight to our Jersey Shore and raise the cost of energy for average families.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

We have a bail reform system thanks to radical democrats and complicit Republicans caving to the race-baiting politics of the radical Left. A system that has creating a revolving door for criminals.

Car thefts and home invasions are ticking up and the governor continues to push NJ as a sanctuary for those who are here illegally.

Going so far as to stop law enforcement from enforcing legal detainer orders for illegals who are accused of other crimes.

If we are to elect a new majority in 2023 and a new governor in 2025 there are several things that top the agenda:

1. Reduce the corporate Business Tax below our neighboring states

2. Restore Parental Rights in our education system

3. Suspend bail reform and keep potentially dangerous criminals in jail pending trial

4. Fill all judicial vacancies to reduce the back log of criminal cases endangering our communities

5. End the sanctuary state and subsidies for higher education for those here illegally and Enforce legal detainer orders for illegals

6. End the billion-dollar subsidy for Rutgers - they can live with the other 4 billion they get from alumni and tuition

7. Refocus our education goals to restore reading, writing, math and history and remove all gender and racial propaganda

8. Tax incentives for vocational/CTE students and small businesses which hire them

9. Tax free empowerment zones in our cities to create job opportunities and restore manufacturing to NJ

10. End the crisis in our suburbs of over-development by challenging Mt. Laurel and focusing 'affordable housing' to our cities.

11. Implement a flood mitigation plan to de-snag, restore & replenish banks and dredge to restore safe water flow

12. Refocus DOT spending to address the 480+ failing bridges across NJ

13. Restore common-sense energy development focused on Nuclear and Natural


14. End the plastic bag ban and stop subsidizing inefficient and ineffective mandatory recycling programs

15. Create equitable school funding while empowering parents with choices in education with their tax dollars


As the movement to support common sense grows, all are welcome to join us.

More than 130,000 have already joined the ranks of the Common Sense Club and tens of thousands of working and middle-class donors are supporting the efforts of Elect Common Sense.

And we're way ahead of the rest of the pack, because the message is resonating.

Yes, I'd like to see a new Majority in Trenton, but only if we elect smart, strong, capable Republicans who have the courage to defy Murphy in his last two years and stand up for practical government focused on delivering services and PROTECTING constitutional rights of all our citizens.

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