Because of a a deal hammered out by New Jersey lawmakers and Governor Christie last month to fund the bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund, New Jersey raises taxes on a gallon of gas by about 23 cents starting today, Tuesday.

Most drivers aren’t happy they’re going to be paying more to fill up their tanks.

“I certainly don’t really have a choice, I guess. It’s unfortunate, but I mean it’ll impact us because we’ll spend more on gas,” said Rebecca Smith, a resident of Hopewell. “New Jersey has had one of the lowest gas prices in the country, so I think we’ve enjoyed lower gas prices for a long time, but it didn’t last."

Maurice Symms of Ewing is more than a little upset.

“It stinks. I don’t want to pay 23 cents a gallon more, who would? The road is going to be just as bad as it’s always been,” he said.

The increase of course affects drivers from other states besides Jersey.

“I’m sad. I’m a Pennsylvania resident. I work in New Jersey, always get gas in New Jersey so I’m very depressed,” said Jeannie Mills of Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Reece Case of Monroe Township, New Jersey shook his head when asked about the increase.

“I’m not happy. Who wants to pay 23 cents more? But we have to do it, I guess,” he said.

His wife Barbara chimed in: “I’m not happy about it because sometimes the taxes go in the wrong place. That’s what I worry about, what they’re going to use it for, because most times that’s a problem in New Jersey.”

Jackie Gilbert of Highland Park said she’s not happy about the increase because she’s a self-proclaimed bargain hunter for gas — but there’s something else to consider.

“I think the infrastructure is so important we have to do it. I don’t have confidence the money will go where it’s supposed to, but I think it’s still very important and hopefully some of it will get to where it needs to go, I mean infrastructure is crucial,” she said.

And then there’s the apparent small minority of drivers who support the gas tax hike completely.

“I hope it helps with the roads and the infrastructure, so I’m always happy to pay taxes if it’ll help everybody,” said Bob McMahon of Titusville, with a big grin on his face.

David Green from Bordentown agreed.

“I think it’s fine because I think we need to do a lot of repairs and stuff like that, and I think we’ve been getting away with a cheap gas tax for a long time. If it keeps people from using the cars a lot, that’s great by me,” he said.

“I’m fine with paying more if it goes for the Transportation Trust fund, but what happened to the other money for the TTF? That’s still a mystery I guess,” said Tom Mennon of Hamilton.

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