Angry Paulsboro residents confronted town officials and the Unified Command at a meeting on Tuesday night.

A 150-ton crane from Weeks Marine, Inc., is positioned by response crews at the site of the derailment in Paulsboro (US Coast Guard)

The meeting called by the Paulsboro Borough Council and Mayor W. Jeffery Hamilton was attended by a smaller audience than last week's raucous meeting.  Their concerns remain the same: a perceived lack of communication from the Unified Command about the long term effects of vinyl chloride, the chemical that leaked following the derailment of an 84-car train on the bridge over Mantua Creek reports the South Jersey Times.

“How much is all of our lives worth to you?” Michael Hamilton, a Pine Street resident, asked. “What if somewhere down the line we develop cancer? Who is responsible, and when will you take responsibility?”

Another resident felt they were not getting any new information. “It’s the same stuff they’ve been feeding to the media for the past week. Nobody is telling us anything new," she told the South Jersey Times.

The Unified Command announced on Tuesday that the breached tanker car has been removed from Mantua Creek. Next up is the removal of the three remaining tankers carrying vinyl chloride that did not breach.

Once they are out, crews will work 24 hours a day to repair the train track and bridge says the Command.

After track and bridge repairs are complete, crews will remove the two final derailed rail cars containing vinyl chloride and ethanol near the west bank of Mantua Creek.