One of the things that gives big government strength is the erosion of trust in the community. That’s why all fascist government dictators convinced people to rat out their neighbors. That way, you suspected everyone and only FULLY trusted the government.

Study history and you will see that all of the prototypical fascist dictators used this tactic.
The State of New Jersey is urging you to inform on your company if you don’t feel that it is strictly enforcing the ridiculous executive orders arbitrarily put in place by Gov. Phil Murphy.

Some of these rules, including temperature checks, social distancing, wearing masks and getting enough breaks to wash your hands (!) are more suitable to a daycare than a work environment, but nevertheless, the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development has set up an online complaint form that workers can use to report violations. I won’t link it here because if you’re enough of a weasel that you really want to do this, go find it yourself.

So, if you see one of your coworker’s masks slip below his nose, and that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can legitimately inform on your company for not enforcing the rules. That’s a scary thought. And it is the first step toward eroding any trust you may have in anyone beside the government. (ESPECIALLY that loathsome entity, private industry!) Plus, it slowly trains you to believe that the government has your back and reinforces the idea that only the government can protect you. Again, history has shown us that this is how totalitarian governments are formed.

Traditionally, during difficult times, Americans bonded together. But now, your government is asking you to rat out everyone else and look only to the government for care and support. Since when do Americans not bond together? If this isn’t a threat to move to more of a socialist government, I don’t know what it is.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi’s own.


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