You really don't have to look to far to find Tm Tebow to the Jets comparisions. In fact you only have to look down the turnpike to Philadelphia...

It was the first pre-season game of the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles season when they signed quarterback Michael Vick. The Birds were coming off losing the NFC championship game. Vick was coming off a 21 month prison sentence after pleading guilty to federal felony charges for his involvement in a dog fighting ring. Vick's signing polarized the city and many Eagles fans were swearing off the team forever. That is of course until the team starts winning. You see winning is the great deodorant when it comes to sports.


Vick was only being brought in for wildcat packages to compliment the offense being run by Donovan McNabb.(Sound familiar?) Vick. was used in that role during the season and actually threw a touchdown pass in the birds 34-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Then on Easter Sunday 2010, the Eagles traded Donvan McNabb to the Washington Redskins and for better or worse, Michael Vick became the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, leading the team to the playoffs that year and an 8-8 record in 2011.


If there was ever an opposite signing to Michael Vick and his dog fighting stigma, it would be Tim Tebow and his religious cult following. While Vick was humble and quiet in his first year with the Eagles, it remains to be seen what Tebow will be like in his first year with the Jets. Especially since he has already made his entrance in his private plane. Not for nuthin, but if I were Tebow, I'd trade in that plane and hire a personal quarterback coach to work on his throws. But then again he may not have to. The Jets brought Tebow here for a reason and regardless of what they're saying, that reason wasn't to be a wildcat.