Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno stepped up the effort to defeat Ballot Question #2 by releasing an important fact sheet that explains in simple terms backed up by critical data why New Jerseyans should #VoteNoOnTwo.  I'll break it down on the show today and explain why a NO vote will reset the clock forcing the legislature to come up with a better plan.

Here's the key.  Although a NO vote does not repeal the gas tax, it DOES derail the irresponsible borrowing scheme concocted by Governor Christie and Steve Sweeney.  That means the Gas Tax revenue is still there to fix the roads instead of being used to convince the banks to lend them billions of dollars not dedicated to our roads & bridges.

Our Statehouse Reporter Michael Symons did a great job breaking down the numbers of the entire gas tax deal.

Then I simplified the deal for you by just writing it out on the whiteboard and breaking down the reason as to why you need to vote no.

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