Aren’t you tired of asking your kids what they did at school today and hearing “nothing”?

A lot of New Jersey high school kids are up to much more than that. Important, creative and charitable projects that really contribute something.

Now that school is back in person, students are finding more meaningful ways to get involved with their communities and raise awareness for different causes.

Several of these students have been able to create in-person fundraising events through their high schools and have recently caught the attention of the public.

Here are a few you’ll want to know about:

  • 1

    Hunterdon Central Project Runway

    Students at Hunterdon brought one of America’s favorite shows to life with their “Project Runway” design challenge.

    The students were given just a pile of newspapers, tape and scissors and were told to let their imagination run wild.

    Together, the students created some pretty unbelievable outfits that will soon be on display.

  • 2

    Randolph Red Ribbon Week

    Randolph students recently celebrated Red Ribbon week, as a part of a nationwide drug abuse prevention campaign for teens.

    Members of the committee came up with several in-school activities that stressed the dangers of drug.

    One being a photo booth at lunch with a backdrop reading, “Drug free looks like me.”

    Another day of the week students dressed in red to show their commitment to a drug free life, and several students posted on social media.

    The school is already planning ways to improve the event next year and are pleased with the turnout and participation.

  • 3

    Millburn High School Play

    If you love theater, check out Millburn High School’s upcoming performance of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.”

    A percentage of the proceeds are being donated to autism awareness, as the show is centered around a child struggling with autism himself.

    Each member of the play has participated in several lessons on autism and how it affects adolescents, and are excited to be a part of such a meaningful performance.

  • 4

    Metuchen Soccer Tournament

    14 high school soccer teams recently participated in a tournament led by Metuchen High School to raise money for two Jersey non-profits dealing with pediatric cancer.

    The tournament allowed for the players to meet new people, as well as raise money for an important cause.

    This year over $17,000 were raised at the tournament, however, the teams have continued to raise more.

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