Thank God (and by God I mean the god who can’t stand gay people He chose to create of course) for Assemblyman Robert Auth of the 39th District. In response to the new LGBT curriculum in our public schools he has come up with Assembly bill 2407. It allows parents to opt their children out of any classroom study they consider to be “harmful.”

Specifically the bill allows parents to take their kid out based on “an objection to a learning material or activity on the basis that it is harmful.”

This “includes, but is not limited to, an objection that the material or activity questions, violates, or conflicts with the parent or guardian’s belief or practice regarding sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, conscience, ethics, morality, or religion.”

God bless this man! Because surely teaching kids that people who are gay also make up the fabric of this country and always have will immediately turn straight kids into homosexuals. It’s surely about indoctrination and not at all about things like shunned LGBT youth having the highest attempted suicide rate in the nation. Surely it’s about the radical left wanting the species to end by turning everyone gay and not at all about any attempt to bolster the self-esteem of this historically bullied group by showing accomplishments of people just like them throughout American history.

So what if this legislation also opens the door to crazy flat-earthers being able to yank their kids out of science class? It’s worth it if it protects our children from hearing all this pesky gay talk, am I right? I know I for one will sleep much better tonight knowing Robert Auth is working hard to keep us in the Dark Ages.

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