Did  the algae reported this week at Monmouth and Ocean county beaches disappear?  Depends on who you ask.

The state Environmental Protection Department says Thursday's coastal surveillance flight showed no sign of the recent phytoplankton bloom that was spotted off southern Monmouth and northern Ocean counties.

However, contributors to the Jersey Shore Hurricane News Facebook page say its still there at some beaches, especially in Seven Presidents Park.

"Water at Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch is full of algae. Be prepared to shower off a layer of a brown," observed JSHN contributor Megan. ""I've been at Seven Presidents all day - water is completely murky and brown. Everyone comes out with a film on them," posted Laurie.

However, other contributors say the amount of algae has gone down. "Had the algae bloom in OG for a few days this week but today is clear and beautiful :)" posted M. Beth. "The water is blue again in Seaside Park but there is still a brownish film on your body when you get out... almost back to normal," said Heather. And one contributor wrote that even Seven Presidents Park was better. "I was at seven presidents yesterday the water was fine. No signs of algae," wrote Theresa.

The DEP says samples collected confirmed marine algae levels are greatly reduced and organisms are below bloom levels. Swimmers earlier in the week complained about the discoloration of the water caused by the presence of algae.