We've taken a peek inside many mansions and massive estates. All of those properties came with a hefty price tag. The home we're about to go inside sold for $11,000 and is officially New Jersey's least expensive house.

Welcome to North East Boulevard in Vineland, NJ. This pad on a sprawling 800 feet of land sold for $11,000. It was listed for $14,900 on Zillow. $11,000. Many of us spend that a month on property taxes alone.

It's a mobile home in the Vineland Hills Mobile Home Community off the Boulevard in North Vineland. I will say that this small space has been maximized. It features two bedrooms, one bathroom, an eat-in kitchen, a living room, and a separate laundry room area as well.

Is this home luxurious? No. For $11,000, what can you expect. But, you'll be surprised how, well, decent the inside is.

This place absolutely needs some TLC. But, for those on a budget who don't mind putting a little work into it, this could be a nice little starter home or a spot to retire. This also occurred to me. Maybe you're renting for thousands of dollars a month. That money is just being thrown away. This could be an investment!

Oh, and property taxes are $30 a month. 30 bucks.

C'mon, you're curious. Let's go look inside.



Go Inside The Most Expensive House For Sale In New Jersey


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