Two weeks and counting as we continue to adapt to our new normal. For those of us who are parents, it’s been challenging, especially here in the great Garden State, where we’re used to life at a rapid pace.

You probably put some sort of plan in place at the beginning of this quarantine, but let’s be honest, how many of those plans have already either formed cracks in its foundation or completely collapsed altogether?

We had that plan. We printed worksheets. We planned for ABCMouse time. We planned for educational programming on TV and scheduled this all out to follow day by day.

And yet as I write this now, I have to keep stopping because the kids are now fighting over whose turn it is to climb on top of this makeshift tower they built of laundry baskets and their little rocking chairs just so they can reach the light on the ceiling. Obviously, this is dangerous, but my wife and I both have full-time jobs we need to stay focused on while also watching our 4-year-old twin boys.

That tower, by the way, has since been disassembled. But as we push on through with keeping them in check while trying to keep ourselves productive, we have had some positive experiences as well, which is what I’d love to share with you.

How NJ 101.5 DJ Mike Brant's family is keeping positive

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