This past week has seen our whole world change. The economic impact here is New Jersey is severe, with people in a wide variety of jobs finding themselves out of work.

The good news is that Walmart is hiring 2,400 associates in stores, clubs and fulfillment and distribution centers.

Along with the needed cash for many who live paycheck to paycheck, the value of work goes beyond just the need for money. So many of us need a purpose getting up every morning. The lack of work activity may be a larger problem than even the cash.

Walmart is also giving out cash bonuses for their current employees during this trying and uncertain time. For those currently working for Walmart, full time hourly employees will receive a $300 bonus, and part-time hourly workers will get a $150 bonus.

For so many the opportunity is welcome news in what has been a totally upending nightmare for millions of people around the country.

Lots of folks probably never envisioned themselves in a blue vest at work, but none of us ever envisioned seeing what we've seen the last few weeks.

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