When last we heard from Jimmy Graham, he was fighting his son's addiction by putting signs on the lawns of drug dealers. He heard from the police, local gangs and the drug dealers themselves.

Jimmy also formed "Stand Up To Addiction" which helps the families of addicts. Somewhere along the way, Jimmy also helped himself.

The comedian formerly known as "Roundboy" has lost 200 pounds and takes martial arts and has become a recovery coach.

"If I was going to talk to people about getting healthy, I had to be healthy," he said.

Graham says addiction is a disease and compares it to the diabetes he continues to battle even though he lost the weight. He also talks about the drug dealers he terrorized and how some when he ripped off their ski masks, he realized he knew and actually got them help.

"I was very angry at the drug dealers," he said. "I wanted to go after them like Batman, and when I tackled them and ripped their ski masks off, I saw that they were kids I knew, kids I taught and coached , then he got those same kids help as he continues to help others."

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