In case you missed it, Saturday Night Live aired a commercial parody in their most recent episode with guest host Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. The commercial was for a fake product called "Heroin AM," you can watch it in the video above.

Jimmy "Roundboy" Graham, who founded Stand Up to Addiction, and Kevin Meara, from the City of Angels, joined me to discuss the outcry that followed the sketch's airing. Parents of addicts are demanding an apology from the television program, as well as Lorne Michaels and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

Kevin Meara could see where those offended were coming from, since the sketch made light of a serious epidemic. Meara wished that they had included more information about how people can easily become addicted through the use of pain-killers or have a PSA about addiction at the end of the video.

Graham pointed out that this idea is unrealistic. "It's Saturday Night Live," he pointed out, "it's satire." "It has people talking [about heroin], which is awesome. It also showed that there could be drug addicts that are moms, bus drivers or soccer coaches," Graham praised. He was happy that S.N.L. shed light on addicts being more than just low-lives hiding in alleys, "it could be anybody."

So what do you think? Was the sketch politically incorrect in making light of addiction? Or did it do a good job of getting us to talk about the epidemic? Take the poll below!