Jim Ulrich is the owner of Club Metro in Freehold.

He's fed up. He's tired of the hypocrisy coming from the Trenton government closing fitness facilities and other businesses for "safety" without any evidence to back up the claim.

Big chain stores remain open without any protocols other than masks, which we know do nothing to stop a virus that is smaller than the mesh openings in most masks and spread equally, according to numerous evidence based, peer-reviewed studies among people who always mask and those who don't.

Fitness centers and holistic centers — like our Hot Yoga studio — who have been allowed to open by Murphy following ridiculous protocols like masks, temp checks (even though a higher temp is not necessarily an indicator of sickness or health), and a questionnaire about quarantining, travel and other things the government has no right to inquire about. No such protocols exist in a supermarket and big-box store.

Why then the arbitrary regulations for small business? These draconian measures have increased the cost of doing business locally and in many cases driven customers away and caused many business owners to be fined and even shut down by government authorities.

And none of these edicts have saved any lives. It is well documented that some of the lowest rates of infection — even positive tests — come from health centers.

Coronavirus spreads and most people will be fine. And for those who are vulnerable, lockdowns and inconsistent regulation that disproportionately hurts working and middle class families can't protect you. Only smart health choices and focused protection through your own doc and behavior can possibly keep you healthy and alive.

The good news is that small businesses are fighting back. In addition to Ian Smith and the courageous folks at Atilis Gym in Belmawr, Jim Ulrich and many other small business owners are fighting back. They've got an attorney and the lawsuit against the arbitrary, unnecessary and damaging government overreach is in the works. If you want to join this effort, email NJGymsTakingClaim@gmail.com.

Listen to my conversation with Jim here:

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