I'm sure anyone with young kids are breathing a huge sigh of relief that we're wrapping up this school year... myself included. Out of a year of endless challenges in many ways, having a kickoff to what feels like a mostly normal summer is what I think we all need.

Now, even though parents need a break from their kids, teachers need a break from their parents. And even though this list is based on instances that occurred in New Jersey schools, it certainly doesn't represent the majority of parents in New Jersey. As we all know, it only takes one to ruin everyone else's day.

Again, this only represents a select few as most parents, although frustrated, controlled themselves and weathered the storm to the best of their ability. So let me put my parent hat aside and make this moment about our teachers, and why they need a break from us.

Connectivity issues
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1) We were part of your class

It's hard for parents not to get involved, especially since we're right there. As you were trying to teach, we would chime in and possibly alter your lesson plan. We needed to do our best to stay away and let you do your job.

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2) We spoke when we shouldn't

Yup. I think we all did one at some point. Look, it wasn't intentional. We had to make phone calls ourselves and stayed within earshot of our kids computers (and sometimes, language was muttered that didn't belong in the classroom). Hopefully, some of what we said the kids never picked up on.


3) We yelled at you for not knowing what you're doing

You're the educator, not us. We should've followed your example and not let our emotions take control. At the time, we were frustrated too. Unfortunately, we let those frustrations get the better of us. Not cool on our part.

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4) Our kids did chores or ate snacks during class

Whether our kids whined for food, or they made a mess and didn't clean it before class started, we just had to make sure our agenda was taken care of during your agenda. After all, the toys and laundry do need to be put away.

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5) And finally, we were vocal to you even with our kids in-school

This last one is for the parents who sent their kids to school and argued with you about the restrictions. You didn't put those restrictions in place. You didn't ask to be chewed out for it, but you dealt with it anyway. And this was in conjunction with your virtual students and all the nonsense from that.

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Look, It wasn't an easy year for any of us, and you held it together like the professionals you are. For everything you've done for our kids, we thank you. Hopefully, you get to have some downtime over the summer months.


To our Jersey Teachers: Enjoy your time away from us, and we'll see you in September... hopefully, with more normalcy. And once again, thank you for everything you do for our kids.

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