We all hail from somewhere else...even if we were born here!

My colleague Steve hails from Union City...Ray the Prize Guy is from Old Bridge...Jeff talks about his youth in Rahway.

Even those of us who were born elsewhere are "happy" to make Jersey home.

Like Dennis, who's youth was spent in South Philly.

And me, who used to call Brooklyn 11223 home...the REAL 11223, not the crap you see on TV.

So, this past Saturday, after paying a visit to the eye doctor in Sheepshead Bay, I couldn't resist going back to the "neighborhood" to see the changes.

Obviously it's not the same place it was back when I was growing up.
The old-timers blame the newcomers for the changes.
But what they fail to realize is that time waits for no man.

And besides, they're probably sitting on gold mines waiting to get the right price for their homes. They "cry with a loaf of bread under each arm"!

So, with that in mind, here's a quick (VERY QUICK) tour of 11233!

Warning: you might want to take a Dramamine beforehand, and excuse me if some of my language is a bit "neighborhood!"

So if you're from somewhere other than where you now live, and have a chance to go back; how much has it changed, and what's the best memory you have of your old haunt?

We'll talk about it Monday!