It’s no secret at all that the best bagels come from the New York/New Jersey area. Living in New Jersey allows you to try some of the most amazing bagel shops in the entire country.

People always love to argue that the closer you get to New York, the better the bagels are. While I think this is somewhat true, there are still so many amazing bagel shops in Mercer Cunty to choose from!

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Of course, everyone has their favorite, but there are a few staples right in Mercer County. If you had to describe New Jersey with only 3 foods, I’d say pizza, pork roll, and bagels would probably be the 3 to do it.



When narrowing it down to the best and most loved bagel places in Mercer County, it’s pretty tough. There are over 15 bagel shops throughout the entirety of Mercer County to choose from, but we all have our favorites, right?

No matter if you’re from Pennington or Robbbiinsville, there has got to be one specific bagel shop that’s your go-to on a Sunday morning. I ended up getting some feedback from some of the Mercer County locals to curate the list of ranking the best local bagel shops in Mercer County.


There are so many bagel shops that are worth the try right in our area, so maybe after checking out this list, you’ll find your new go-to. So, without further ado, these are the best bagel shops in Mercer County ranked!

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