Eating good in the neighborhood is about to get a little harder nationwide.

Applebee's, one of the most familiar casual dining restaurant chains in America, will be closing about 30 locations nationwide this year, parent company Dine Brands Global has announced.

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“We’re expecting 25 to 35 net fewer domestic Applebee’s restaurants,” Applebee's president Tony Moralejo told To help offset the blow, the company which also owns the IHOP franchise, plans to open 25 more IHOP locations.

Despite the closings, the company still has a positive outlook on the brand's future. Moralejo went on to tell “Applebee’s is a mature brand, and it is natural to have closures with changing trade areas and franchisee agreement expiration.”

He went on to say that the company aims to return to net unit growth in the coming years with "'a new value engineered prototype and a continued focus on increasing top line sales while improving our franchisees’ margins."

Which Applebee's locations are closing?

The mysterious part is, the parent company hasn't yet released a list of closing locations, so as of May 14, we don't know which restaurants might be closing in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. We'll keep you posted if/when that changes.

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It's also unclear when the locations will be closing. The company only said they will close sometime this year. If you notice any context clues at your neighborhood Applebee's, it could be an indication that yours might close.

Currently, Applebee's has 55 locations in New Jersey and 76 locations in Pennsylvania.

We'll keep our eyes open for updates!

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