Medford, NY native Marcus Stroman has put together an impressive MLB career so far.

Stroman entered the league as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays in 2014, at the age of 23, and immediately took the world by storm. He's pitched in 231 games since that time, winning 77 of them, and has not had an ERA above three runs (3.99 or lower) since 2018.

The vast majority of people who know Marcus Stroman's name, know it because of his career in baseball. Yet, there are probably a few people that learned about Marcus years before that, when he became famous at the age of six.

Here's how it happened.

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Did You Know That Marcus Stroman Appeared on the Kids' Show 'Figure It Out'?

Yes, you read that correctly: at the age of six, now-MLB mainstay Marcus Stroman made his television debut, appearing (somewhat briefly) on the hit Nickelodeon kids' game show, Figure It Out.

Check out this clip from the episode:

As was customary during the show's run, an audience member would be chosen at random, and that kid would have the chance to win a prize during the course of the episode. That episode's lucky audience member happened to be, as host Summer Sanders put it, Stroman.

The prize, as was shared in an article about the appearance, was a Toys-R-Us gift card. That prize was worth its weight in gold to six year old at that time, let me tell you.

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Now, Marcus was given "a chance" to win the prize on the show. Despite doing a bit of research, we could never find any confirmation that Stroman actually won the prize. If you can find that information, let us know!

Until then, we just won't be able to...figure it out.

Do you get it?

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