The Christopher Columbus Monument was recently kept off of the Atlantic City, New Jersey City Council meeting agenda by the “woke” philosophy of governance exhibited by Mayor Marty Small.

Small did not want this on the council meeting agenda and his willing, functionary order-taker, the City Council President Aaron “Sporty” Randolph was all too happy to oblige Small.

The area where the Christopher Columbus Monument stood since 1958 is called Christopher Columbus Boulevard.

The Christopher Columbus Monument literally sat at the busy base of the Atlantic City Expressway with great pride for generations.

Suddenly, In the year 2020, the “Woke,” counter culture Small pulled the political strings necessary and succeeded in removing the Christopher Columbus statue and placing it in cold storage on July 1, 2020.

The bald faced lie that was publicly told at the time was that the Christopher Columbus Monument was being removed in order to protect it from potential vandalism.

That same ridiculous logic could be used to remove everything in American society.

The true reason that the Columbus statue was removed was to feed the “woke,” radical ideology that was raging back in 2020 … in order to help fuel the purposely divisive agenda that was in effect to divide the American people.

“Wokeism” is still raging today, in an attempt to eradicate all social and societal norms in America.

The money needed to create the Christopher Columbus Monument was the direct result of a fundraising effort led by the late Judge Genaro Consalvo and the Columbus Committee.

The monument sat on city property and the maintenance, etc. was funded and provided by the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority,

An Atlantic City Council Member told me that a Consalvo family member would like to like the Christopher Columbus statue back and move it to Hammonton.

However, Randolph … on behalf of small … would not even allow the matter to be discussed at the last Atlantic City Council meeting.

In the 1920’s there were 23 different Italian-American organizations in Atlantic City. It was then that they combined to form the Columbus Day Committee.

Atlantic City has been the home to a rich Italian-American community, especially in the iconic Ducktown section for many proud generations.

In 1937, with the help of St. Michael’s Church parishioners, they succeeded in creating "Columbus Plaza.”

However, a challenge arose in the 1950’s, when Columbus Pjaza was threatened to be turned into a parking lot.

Mayor Joseph Altman suggested that if something of significance, such as a Columbus statue could be constructed, the plaza could be saved.

The Columbus Committee immediately went to work and raised the money to build the monument and Columbus Plaza was saved … that is, until radical Marty Small came along.

The incredible statue was created by the Italian sculpting firm and the quarry of Gennaro Chiurazzi.

The Christopher Columbus statue was sculpted by artist Gaetano Chiaromonte in Italy. It was then dismantled into and shipped to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It was reassembled and it took its rightful place in Columbus Plaza, where it proudly sat for 62 years until Small had it unceremoniously removed for no good reason.

It was just one of the many destructive things that Small has done in Atlantic City.

The Small agenda is so small that they don’t want the Columbus statue and you can’t have it, either.

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