A warning to New Jersey parents. Five major retailers, several with store locations here, have removed weighted baby blankets, sleep onesies, and other weighted baby apparel over breathing concerns.

Numerous medical experts including American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Institutes of Health, along with the Consumer Products Safety Commission, continue to profess the dangers using weighted sleep products can pose to your baby.

Baby Sleeping in Crib

In fact, numerous baby deaths have been attributed to the use of weighted baby blankets and weighted sleepwear, according to the U.S. Product and Safety Commission.

Can Weighted Sleep Products Harm My Baby?

Sleeping Baby

Reportedly, garments like weighted sleep sacks, weighted swaddles, etc., can limit an infant’s ability to breathe and interfere with blood flow. If a baby experiences a compromise in oxygen saturation levels, it could lead to brain impairment or cause death.

The risk of parents relying on weighted sleepwear to help their child go to or stay asleep is so high that a senator from Connecticut has called for an official investigation into certain companies that manufacture the items like Dreamland Baby and Nested Bean.

In a recent letter to the Federal Trade Commission, Sen. Richard Blumenthal writes, “The stakes are simply too high to allow weighted infant sleep products to be advertised as ‘safe,’ especially without a clear disclaimer explaining the lack of an agreed-upon standard for determining safety."

But Tara Williams, founder and CEO of Dreamland Baby, disputes that claim, Patch.com reports, saying in a statement, 'There’s over 3.5 million [products] sold with no pattern of hazard.” However, both Dreamland Baby and Nested Bean told National Public Radio Both companies told NPR they are working with industry researchers to evaluate the safety of their products.

5 Major Retailers Discontinue Selling Weighted Baby Sleepwear Over Safety Concerns

Retailers Cancel Sales of Weighted Baby Sleepwear
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Five of the nation's largest retailers of baby products, Amazon, Babylist, Nordstrom, Target, and Walmart have now completely removed weighted baby items from their inventories, Patch.com reports.

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