When people think of New Jersey, they rarely picture our beautiful beaches, the mountains in the north, nor the farmland to the south. Instead, it's always smog-covered skies and oil refineries. Those of us who live in the Garden State, while acknowledging those places exist, also know of all the gorgeous backdrops New Jersey has to offer.

The Garden State got that nickname for a reason.

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One specific place in South Jersey does a really great job at driving home NJ's nickname. To find it, you'll have to head out to Hammonton in Atlantic County.

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NJ's most gorgeous views found at South Jersey's Sharrott Winery

People don't usually think of New Jersey as a rural place. Head to the southern part of the state, though, and you'll find tons of farmland with gorgeous skies and beautiful sunsets. One of the best places to experience the sun setting on the countryside is at Sharrott Winery.

If you're unfamiliar with Sharrott, it's actually one of the wineries in New Jersey where you're encouraged to bring the whole family. Sharrott is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and beautiful outdoor seating areas. They often have events like wine and paint nights and live music, so it's no wonder why people find it to be a great place for summer gatherings.

No matter your wine preference, there's something offered for everyone's taste buds. Wine selections includes a mix of dry and sweet wines, with a focus on locally sourced grapes.

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According to the folks at OnlyInYourState.com, the landscape is worth the entire trip.

Sharrott Winery is surrounded by large swaths of farmland, including a nearby horse farm, and offers maybe the best patio dining in the Garden State. As the weather warms up, there is no better way to spend a relaxing day in New Jersey than a visit to Sharrott Winery.

They have picky foods on the menu for those only interested in appetizers, but also have more filling options like flatbreads, tacos, and more.

Don't forget about this place when you're thinking of something to do when the weather gets warmer.

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