An animal complaint in Galloway Township led police to arrest a man from Wildwood Crest on animal cruelty charges.

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Zurich Avenue, Galloway Township
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Poor living conditions for animals in Galloway Township

Galloway Township Police say they investigated a complaint about animals living on a property in the 100 block of Zurich Avenue.

During their visit on Saturday, February 10, they found a dead dog on the property, and an additional 25 dogs and one cat living in "poor conditions with insufficient access to food and water."

When more police and animal control officials arrived on the scene, arrangements were made to transfer the animals to other locations for proper care.

Photo by Margarita Kosior on Unsplash
Photo by Margarita Kosior on Unsplash

Wildwood Crest man arrested

While police were at the property, they made contact with Jason Millar, 23, of Wildwood Crest, who identified himself as the owner/caretaker of the animals.

Police arrested Millar and charged him with cruelty to animals. He was processed and released, pending a future court appearance. As the investigation is continuing, further charges are possible.

Police have issued this statement:

"The Galloway Township Police encourages anyone who witnesses or suspects abuse of animals to file a report with our Department. Our trained Humane Law Enforcement Officers remain dedicated to investigating all claims of animal cruelty and abuse. Together, we can be a voice for the voiceless."

SOURCE: Galloway Township Police Department.

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