You're familiar with Buc-ee's aren't you?

It's one of the most popular gas stations and convenience stores in the country, but you can only find it in select states in the South.

States like Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Missouri.

But could we see Buc-ee's make a move and start opening stores further North? Maybe right here in the Garden State?

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Buc-ee's Billboards Are Now Being Seen In New Jersey

Over the past few weeks, billboards have been popping up along parts of Jersey's highways advertising for Buc-ee's.

They all say virtually the same thing "Closest Buc-ee's, 581 Miles South" with an arrow indicating drivers should turn around and floor it to Buc-ee's.

According to APP, the main reason the billboards are hanging over New Jersey highways is because it's a cheap and effective way to get people to think about Buc-ee's in a state where they aren't even located.

The Real Reason Buc-ee's Won't Be Opening In NJ Anytime Soon.

It all comes down to Jersey's gas laws.

Jersey is the last state in the country where it's illegal to pump your own gas, and that, according to APP is the main reason we won't see a Buc-ee's in Jersey any time soon.

If you've never been, Buc-ee's has somewhere in the area of 120 gas pumps at each store.

A representative from Buc-ee's says they just wouldn't be able to staff that kind of operation. Most gas stations in Jersey have anywhere between 8-12 pumps and can be pretty easily staffed by 2 or 3 people.

So, until Jersey changes its laws about pumping our own gas, we probably won't see a Buc-ee's anytime soon.

That doesn't mean one won't open somewhere closer though, maybe to our neighbors in PA or New York or Delaware.

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