The rumor is that Buffalo crews are currently working to fill the potholes around Western New York, but there’s a few we really hope they remember to fill. 

Every year, it seems that there are certain roads that remain generally…well, bad. By that, I mean that it seems the same roads gather potholes each year, regardless of how many times they are fixed or attended to. 

One of the worst roads of all time is Wehrle Dr. It is located close to the Buffalo Airport, which may have a factor as to why the road is so bad – so many people drive on it every day! Think about it: thousands of people fly in and out of the Buffalo Niagara Airport each day, so the wear and tear of the road somewhat makes sense. 

It doesn’t change the fact that it is annoying, though…

One person shared a post on the Buffalo subReddit, asking our neighbors for their opinions on the worst streets around Western New York, and almost everyone answered the same streets. 

What Street Is This in Buffalo?
byu/neighborhood_tacocat inBuffalo

Take a look below at some of the worst streets in Western New York for potholes, and see if you agree. 

12 Worst Streets For Potholes In Western New York

These streets stand out by far as some of the worst ones with potholes around Western New York. Take a look at some of the responses from Reddit below.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Canva Image


Main St. in downtown Buffalo is one of the worst streets, with lane lines that are significantly faded. South Park Avenue recently attempted to add road improvements, but now the manhole covers are even worse and more difficult to see. 

But if you are driving down Jefferson Ave, you may have felt like your car was about to snap into a billion pieces. 

Maybe these roads will be fixed as the crews make their way around Western New York. Until then, you may want to try to take alternate routes to save your car some damage. 

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