It was bound to happen right? Thousands of dead grandparents, thousands of wrecked businesses, hundreds of thousands still unemployed. Masks and isolation leading to unintended consequences of hostility, health issues and anxiety. More than 250 days living under the rule of one man.

One arrogant, elitist rich guy who thinks he has the moral and legal authority to tell you how to live your life. A man whose actions at the outset of the pandemic, at a time when we KNEW that elderly patients were the most at risk of dying, ordered coronavirus-infected, symptomatic people discharged from hospitals into long term care facilities, spiking our death toll. A man who now lectures us on wearing a mask in between bites of food and who has essentially destroyed the hospitality industry in our state. A man who continues to peddle fear-porn at every press conference. Of course, the politicians in the legislature and the media so-called journalists who attend the conferences let him get away with saying anything he wants, unchallenged.

Seemed that New Jersey was just taking the hits day after day without fighting back. Then one woman reminded us of how angry many of us are and how angry many more of us should be. She berated the governor with an F-bomb-laced tirade after seeing him enjoying dinner with his family. The governor was sitting smug in a restaurant that is likely struggling like thousands of others across the state with limited capacity, mask rules and unnecessary cleaning protocols caused by his never-ending crisis management. The governor seemed to not have a care in the world. Until this woman gave him a piece of her mind. Good on her. And for the arrogant opponents of the governor on social media who think that there should be a certain polite way to express dissatisfaction with the endless lockdowns and abuse of power, I'll say the same thing to you that this woman said to the governor.

It's time for people to get angry. It's time for the governor to be uncomfortable. It's time for the voices of the crushed businesses, destroyed families, teachers, first responders and everyone else suffering in New Jersey to be heard. Failing to recognize the very real and appropriate anger expressed by this woman shows a total disconnect with reality. It's why elected Republicans and their advocates, for the most part, in New Jersey are losers. It's why Murphy will likely win again without an actual opponent willing to understand and channel the anger bubbling up to the surface. We're supposed to watch our livelihoods disappear and family members struggle and only speak up in an approved, polite manner? I've got two words for you if you think that. The first one starts with F.

Can you imagine if the elected legislators in Trenton, both moderate Democrats who know the governor has gone too far and the Republicans who campaigned on making your quality of life more affordable and better, displayed even a fraction of the anger that this woman had? Murphy could have been held accountable like other governors in states which are now open thanks to lawsuits and legislation backed by angry elected officials on behalf of their constituents. In New Jersey? Crickets. Complicity. Cowardice.

So until we elect responsible leaders who will do more than just tell people what they think they want to hear during campaign season, we're stuck. Thankfully the woman in the restaurant expressed the rage that we're feeling as we head into the holiday with no end of the lockdown in sight. More people should tell the governor how they feel, whenever they see him. Cuz it's clear that the politicians and media hacks will never speak up for us.

Who speaks for New Jersey? Right now, one woman in Red Bank. Anybody else?

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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