A new study finds husbands think their wives are the worst backseat drivers, and wives believe their husbands are the worst passengers.The latest Insurance.com survey finds 40 percent of men think their wives are the most irritating backseat drivers, while 34 percent of wives cite their spouses as being the worst.

"New Jersey drivers find all sorts of things their passengers do to be very annoying, including commenting on the driving speed - that was the winner - followed by backseat drivers who give directions," said Michelle Megna, the managing editor of Insurance.com.

Another nasty habit?  Passengers who act out putting their foot on the brake.

"Fiddling with the radio or CD player was another thing that was flagged as pesky passenger behavior.  As well as talking on their phone or texting, and then singing and eating kind of brought up the tail end of the most annoying passenger behaviors," said Megna.

Megna added several other behaviors push New Jersey drivers' buttons, including making faces and gestures, blocking the rear view mirror, screaming at the driver about something that they're already aware of and getting car sick.

So if this is happening to you, what should you suggest to your spouse?

Megna offered this advice, "Rather than saying slow down you idiot, you're driving too fast, you should stop and tell the driver how it's making you feel.  Like I was feeling unsafe and uncomfortable, could you please slow down so I will not feel fearful?"

She added when planning a long road trip, the more planning the better, for everything from what radio stations to listen to, to when you'll stop for refreshments.