You be the judge.

As you know, I’m not wearing a mask to fight back against the idiocy that has gripped our state and world. The pandemic is long over and either way, the mask itself is just a stupid reminder that government will enforce arbitrary rules to control you, despite the facts that refute the action. So without a mask and my passport expiring, I needed to act in case I need to head overseas to see my daughter. No current plans, but I’m hearing the Brits are ignoring the silly mask edicts in most places, so there’s some hope that we’ll be traveling soon enough.

Back to the passport. Try getting an appointment today as scared government bureaucrats limit access and the potential to stand on line for hours is very likely. Enter the internet. A quick google search revealed two things that enabled me to get the process going, without leaving my house. First, on the government site and then a website that turned my pic around in a matter of days for only a few bucks. Although, maybe I could’ve spent a little more time prepping for the pic?

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