When it was announced there would be the first ever statewide cell phone crackdown to catch drivers using handheld devices, I saw it as a safety measure. While normally I regard these blitzes as revenue sources for townships, this one I put in a separate category. We've all heard of the disasters that can happen. It seemed reasonable.

Then came Adam Hochron's story "Don't get caught texting while driving through these small NJ towns" and it changed my opinion. Take a look at the story and notice the great disparity in the number of tickets written town by town. Some of the smallest towns had the greatest number of tickets. Why did a town only 1.5 square miles in size, Milltown, write far more tickets than so many much larger cities in Middlesex County? Why were 114 tickets issued in under a month in Bergen County's Fairview, again an extremely small town?

This has made me very suspicious that perhaps while the safety aspect is an easy public sell, the current crackdown could well be about revenue after all. Give us your thoughts.

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