We've heard and seen the insane stories of people hoarding toilet paper. Was it out of fear that Bernie Sanders, a big fan of the Soviet Union, could become President? Not to worry, the long lines would take a while to form after his inauguration, and the Democrats will make sure that won't happen anyway. If it has to do with coronavirus, it doesn't make sense. The illness doesn't have a diarrhea component. So why the rush on toilet paper? Stupidity, needless panic, bad human tendencies, etc.

I paid a visit to a few stores in my area. As you can see, the hand sanitizer is gone, but there is plenty of toilet paper. There are still a variety of textures, ranges of quality and sizes available. But toilet paper as you normally do. But if you're looking for hand sanitizer, good luck. I bought some about a week and a half ago, before the panic set in, and there was plenty. Now....nothing. A friend who works at a cigar store had a large bottle on his counter. Somebody offered him $50 for the rest of it.

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

You can make your own, if you feel the need. A New Jersey store owner was arrested for selling some homemade stuff that had harmed some kids. Popular science has a safe and tried and true formula if you feel the need to make your own.

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