On last night’s “Late Show”, I mused about finally, FINALLY breaking down and buying an iPhone.

Saying things like, “I need it for work”; “it has a lot of bells and whistles that will come in handy” bah beep bah bop!

I also commented on a report , stating that Microsoft has introduced a product to go up against the iPad, although the iPad has been out now for some 2 years now.

I hate my iPhone and should have stayed with my flip phone. Other than to seem cool and get with the times, I rationalized that it was a piece of equipment I needed.

On the other hand, my Mac Book is indispensable. Everything I need for work is on it. Movie projects, audio editing, browsing the web, it’s all there.

An iPad, for me, would be a waste of money, much the same way I feel about Surface. (Note: I almost said “the” Surface, which would have made me sound like my mother-in-law, although she’d think of surface as a tile floor!) No, it’s just another gadget that will collect dust.

So, I’m a bit surprised that Microsoft has waited 2 years to enter the burgeoning tablet market. Better late than never? Perhaps....

I think it seems akin to ordering the filet mignon first, then migrating back to hamburger.

Posse Poll:

After having had the iPad around for the last couple of years, would you switch and go back to a Microsoft product like Surface?

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