When James S. Murray is not pulling pranks as "Murr" on Impractical Jokers, he's writing sci-fi novels. Murray's latest is called "The Brink" which is the sequel to "Awakened" which was an international bestseller (including #1 Sunday Times bestseller) written with Darren Wearmouth.

Murr came on my show and opened up about the book, as well as the show and how these high school friends still remain so crazy after all these years and he ever got sick of them.

"I got sick of them 30 years ago," Murray said. "I'm too old to make new friends, I'm stuck with them. We're about to hit our 200th episode of [Impractical] Jokers."

In the book, Former NYC Mayor Tom Cafferty has been haunted by the horror of a single day. The opening of the brand new Z-train subway line beneath the Hudson River—the supposed shining moment of his tenure. But the ribbon-cutting ceremony turned deadly when the train carrying Cafferty’s wife and other citizens was attacked by a horde of hyper intelligent, bloodthirsty creatures previously unknown to humanity.

What exactly was Murray smoking when they came up with that?

"The same thing I'm smoking when we shoot Impractical Jokers," Murray said. "You know 'Awakened' is a fast paced, action packed thriller...and the sequel 'The Brink' is even better."

You could say the Impractical Jokers could be today's, "Fab Four," to which Murr said, "we're not the Fab Four, we're the Fat Four. that's more accurate."

What's the best prank that came to mind that Murr couldn't believe he had to do?

"Man," Murray said. "I can't believe I had to jump out of an airplane. 'Cry' diving as they said."

Murr also revealed the prank he always like to pull.

"One that we've always wanted to do that we never had the nerve to do. We wanted to punish one of us and make him go to a church. And during the part where they say 'speak now or forever hold you peace,' he's got to stand up, object to the wedding, go into detail as to why he objects, realize he's at the wrong wedding, apologize and then leave."

Murray will be at Barnes and Nobel in Princeton tonight at 7p signing books!

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