When James S. Murray "Murr" is not punking the world with his friends on "Impractical Jokers," he's a best selling author who's "Obliteration," is the third book in a series of sci-fi horror stories. The other two were "The Brink" and "Awakened."

"Obliteration" just received a terrific advance review from Booklist:

“This pulpy and fast-paced narrative follows not only Cafferty and Van Ness as they arm themselves with some of the Foundation’s deadliest creations, but also the few desperate survivors of the creatures’ carnage…With a tone and energy similar to Brian Keene and other 2000s-era pulpy horror writers, this grim vision of humanity’s possible extinction should satisfy those looking for a gruesome, diverting read.”

Murray came on my show to talk about it.

"'Obliteration' is the end of the trilogy, but you don't have to have read the first two books to know what's going on," Murr said. "We catch you right up, you'll love it. It's like a thriller, it's fast paced, it's the perfect kind of summer reading you'll ever have.

The book is only part of what's been going on with Murray. "Impractical Joker The Movie" has just been released on demand for in-home viewing. The first four seasons of Impractical Jokers have been released on HBO Max, he's also starring in "The Misery Index" on TBS which is starting it's second season, and then there's the "Impractical Jokers Dinner Party" a brand new show on Tru TV which is getting the guys through the pandemic.

Have they thought of any pandemic jokes to play?

"You know, it's not even practical jokes it's more like what, what's going on in our lives. Like, I think we're all staying at home and watching tons of movies, much more than we ever would. So like one of the things, I've been having these insane dreams. And in the middle of the night I've gotten into the habit of recording audio messages of what my dreams are. And then I forget about it and the next day I listen to these messages and they make no sense to me. And they just played one on TV last week and it's crazy. I'm clearly watching too many sci-fi movies you know?"

Is it harder to prank people when so many know who you are?

"We avoid certain spaces. Like season one and two [of Impractical Jokers] we were all over Seaside Heights, we were all over the Jersey shore. Now we don't go back there because we can't, we would get recognized immediately...every season we change it up, go to different places, we shoot in different malls and we keep having to do that, to rotate, so word doesn't spread as to where we are too quickly, and that's how we do it."

How 'bout Batman vs. the Impractical Jokers? Who would win if you got to pick the Batman you got to face?

"We could never go up against Michael Keaton, he's too good. I feel like I could take on Christian Bale...not physically, nor with my looks, but if it were with my talent. But put us, if we play a game of checkers I got a decent chance of beating him."

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