I’m sharing this NJ.com video as a parent of a little boy with autism for all other parents of special needs kids out there. Someone thought how great it would be if there were a total downtown designed just for special needs kids and young adults to help them adjust to real life situations.

Ten years later The Friendship Circle made it happen. That’s a group dedicated to the special needs community, and they should be very proud of what they’ve done here.


Lifetown.com / Mendel Grossbaum

A 53,000 square foot simulated downtown now open in Livingston, NJ. Imagine a place that not only has grocery stores, spas, etc., but even doctor and dentist offices to prepare special needs kids for what to expect when they go to the real ones. From the video it looks like they even have an o.t. style sensory room.

This is a true labor of love and they should be applauded.

Here’s a video from back when Lifetown was still in the planning stages that explains more of their goals.

Lifetown is at 10 Microlab Rd in Livingston NJ. It’s available by appointment and their website explains more.

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