Do you work at a job that has you crying over the sad stories of struggle that you deal with every day? New Jersey's former Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, who has the distinguished accomplishment of being NJ's FIRST elected lieutenant governor,, has exactly that job.

Kim joined me on the broadcast to discuss her role at the helm of Fulfill, the foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. She talked about the 243rd day of the lockdown, which has led to her group delivering an additional 2.7 million meals. We discussed the stories of struggle that are the new reality of so many New Jersey families. The good news is that the organization runs efficiently, to the point that 96 cents out of every dollar goes to food for needy families.

She also shared the story of the lost sweet potato truck that cost the group $50,000 and yes, the delivery truck is still missing. Sounds like the making of a good Lifetime movie, dontcha think? I'll file that one away. For now, please help if you can.

Every dollar provides three meals to those in need of putting food on their table. I want to thank Kim and all of the volunteers and staff who make Fulfill's mission possible.

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