As the debate over whether there should be a millionaires tax in New Jersey continues, a new coalition called "For the Many New Jersey" is calling on the governor to do just that. Fortunately, as much as Governor Murphy would like to tax the rich, Senate President Sweeney isn't going to let that happen. and how often do we use "fortunately" and Senate President Sweeney in the same sentence.

Sue Altman, the Executive Director of the progressive New Jersey Working Families Alliance, said if taxes are hiked for the richest New Jersey residents, “they will not leave the state. New Jersey is a wonderful state to live in and to play and to grow in and to have a business.” And you know that how? What's to stop those millionaires who own multiple houses from claiming their primary residence somewhere else?

Why should people who are successful be penalized in New Jersey for doing well? As the father of 13-year-old twin boys I want them to be as successful as possible and not have to carry the load for those who aren't. Otherwise, why bother working? Stay poor and let the rich people pay your way. Those are not the values we want in New Jersey.

How many jobs do rich people living in New Jersey provide? How much are they contributing to charities and fundraisers?

I hear all the time from people who aren't millionaires saying that they are forced to leave the state when they retire. I hear about how the lottery is supposed to benefit the seniors of New Jersey, yet I don't know one that is living the dream because if it.

Sports betting has been a boon for New Jersey with gamblers in the Garden State, wagering $540 million this past January alone. Where does that money go?

However, if "For the Many New Jersey" wants to pay more taxes, let them do so, it's available on their tax form.  As for me, I think there are other ways to find money in New Jersey, I'd bet on it.

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