We have what will probably be the most hotly contested election in our history, or at least while we've been alive, and how are we handling it? Mail-in voting!

If ever there were an election that should be handled by machines and tamper-free, it should be this one. Now I realize all elections should be handled this way, but I've never seen that absolute hate and vitriol between two parties as I've seen in 2020. This time, for many haters on both sides, it's personal.

President Donald Trump's campaign is suing New Jersey over its recent decision to conduct the November election almost entirely by mail to keep people safe from the coronavirus, claiming the move by Gov. Phil Murphy, was unconstitutional. The Trump campaign argues that the power to change election rules lies with state lawmakers, not the governor.

Murphy accuses Trump of trying to delegitimize the November election. Do you feel it's legitimate?

So what could possibly go wrong in a mail-in voting? Andy Bloom, who's spent five years in Washington as communications director for a member of Congress and advised on many campaigns, including new Jersey's own Jon Runyon, wrote an article in Newsmax addressing exactly that.

Bloom talks about how he received a mail-in ballot addressed to the child of a resident who lived in his house before him. He came on my show Tuesday night to tell me how easy it is to get the information needed to fill out that form fraudulently.

"It would've been incredibly easy to request a ballot (in the name of the former resident) just by filling it in," Bloom said when he came on the show. "And you need only a couple pieces of information. You need the birthdate. Well, have you looked on social media lately? You can figure out a birthdate in less than 60 seconds for practically any human being. And then you need either a Social Security Number or a driver's license. Well, with about $20 bucks and 20 minutes, you can get that online in no time at all. ... And so if I had dropped that off in the mail, I could have received the absentee ballot in this other persons name."

Of course, he advises against doing this because it's illegal.

He also spoke of the new election ordered in Patterson after mail-in voter fraud charges.

"I could've found a ballot harvester, somebody who wouldn't have just taken my ballot but would've taken presumably dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands of ballots from across the area and combined them to get a desirable result. So it's incredibly easy (for fraud)."

After hearing that and reading this where a top Democratic operative confesses to voter fraud and explains how he does it, I hate mail in voting more than ever!

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