There are certain moments in life when we feel particularly stupid. One is when you come out of a mall and can't remember where you parked. Another is when you only think you remember where you parked but are trying to get in the wrong car.

This happened to me last night after work. What's really pathetic in my case is this was not a huge mall parking lot. This was the small parking lot at work which can accommodate about 20 cars, but when I walked out after 7 there were probably only 4 vehicles there. I could have been freaking blindfolded and would have had a 1 in 4 shot at getting it right.

I see my car (or so I thought) and walked over to the passenger door hitting the key fob. I was going to toss my stuff in there then walk around to the driver's side. After several clicks I'm realizing the key fob is not working. I try the door anyway and yes, for sure it's still locked. One my up close try of the fob. Nothing. Then I resort to the old fashioned putting the key directly into the lock. Yes my car still has that option. But the darn thing wouldn't turn. It wasn't cold enough to have frozen the lock yet it still isn't occurring to me that I'm trying to get into exact same type of car but not my car. I start trying to force it, pushing against the door, wondering what on earth is wrong here. I'm looking in through the window wondering why my car's interior looks so clean.

Then I did the first thing we all do when we've done something incredibly stupid. I looked around to see if anyone saw me making an idiot of myself. Luckily no one did. So unless I write about it here no one will ever know. Thennnn I decided to anyway.

Because haven't we all done it at some point? Whether it was the wrong car, the wrong hotel room door you're swiping you key card in, or the wrong house or apartment you're trying to turn the doorknob of, haven't we all at some point tried to go in the wrong place? If not that, what about the wrong public bathroom? (Especially those places where they get cutesy and replace the words Men and Women with something, say, nautical, like Buoys and Gulls and maybe you were a little too drunk to decipher it.)

So I just wanted to know who's done it.

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