I don’t want President Trump to remain in the White House because I know we can do better. However I don’t want to see him leave in a body bag. I want the will of the people to show him the door.

However someone needs to address the hypocritical indignation so many Trump supporters are spewing on social media right now in reaction to anyone who has a less than overly sympathetic feeling about the president’s current medical condition. “Appalling.” “Shameful.” “Undignified.” On and on. If you’re a member of this cult that used to be the GOP I’m sure the Proud Boys agree with you. And if you fully support Trump and you’ve uttered these words of outrage you should know you’re a hypocrite.

You’ve supported a man who lacks the same empathy as those you now call shameful. For four years you’ve supported a draft-dodger who didn’t like John McCain because he prefers people “who weren’t captured.” If someone now says they prefer a president who isn’t infected you’d be smugly outraged. You’ve been there behind a guy who insults people constantly, giving his childishness your undying support yet you’ll find it appalling if anyone should mock his dismissiveness of the pandemic now that he’s been bitten. When during the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton was stricken with pneumonia you cheered and laughed as he publicly mocked and mimicked her.

Yet here you are seeing the mockery of your cult leader on social media and suddenly you’re not okay with the “undignified.”

If this were the other way around and Biden had this infection while Trump tested negative you are living in a fairy tale if you think Trump wouldn’t have been disrespecting Biden for it at every turn.

The Trump crowd likes to mock people themselves using terms like snowflakes, libtards and the like. You’ll often hear their disdain for “virtue signaling.” Well your indignation over the slightest lack of sympathy for Trump’s having been infected is a special kind of virtue signaling.

The hypocritical kind.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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