Innovative Parenting New Jersey is another group that is working to oppose the state Senate bill that would make it a crime to not wear a mask in places where there is posted signage requiring you to do so.

They had planned a rally for Thursday, when the meeting of the Senate Judiciary committee was supposed to take place, but the meeting has mysteriously disappeared from the committee’s calendar. Even so, if you want to have a choice in bodily autonomy (the freedom to govern your body yourself), you need to get involved.

First of all, you can still voice your opposition to the Senate bill. Below are the numbers of the lawmakers to call, including that of Richard Cody, the main sponsor of the bill. Then, follow Innovative Parenting New Jersey on Facebook. On their Facebook page, you can find out information about how to oppose this bill, including participating in Twitter storms.

You can also keep abreast of when the meeting will be rescheduled. I have also included here the list of questions they have for the committee regarding the bill. Mind you, this law would go much further in eroding our freedoms than Gov. Phil Murphy‘s executive order requiring masks does. These questions challenge the inconsistencies between “executive order 122” and the proposed bill.

If you read through these questions, you will see that they all challenge the bill and highlight how flawed it really is. Nevertheless an order is just not good enough in a state where freedom and liberty is eschewed. We need a law in order to really control the citizens of New Jersey.

1. How long beyond October 2020 does the legislative body assume that the New Jersey public health emergency will extend?

2. Why aren’t exemptions for residents with medical conditions mentioned in bill S2814 when they are expressly permitted by Executive Order 122?

3. Every individual has a different physiological and psychological makeup. How is this bill accounting for these differences? (For your reference, Executive Order 122 states that workers and customers are to wear cloth face coverings “except where doing so would inhibit that individual’s health or where the individual is under two years of age.” It goes on to say that, “Where an individual declines to wear a face covering on store premises due to a medical condition that inhibits such usage, neither the essential retail business nor its staff shall require the individual to produce medical documentation verifying the stated condition.”)

4. Why doesn’t S2814 list the age requirements for masks that are cited in Executive Order 122?

5. Is it legal for the legislative body to mandate a mask/article of clothing for all New Jersey residents/patrons?

6. For those with deeply held religious beliefs, does forced mask-wearing violate their ability to abide by natural law and follow their convictions to walk in faith, not fear?

7. Is forcing individuals to abide by measures that restrict their ability to move freely throughout society without discrimination constitutional?

8. Who will “police” this law? Will small business owners, many of whom have already suffered financial losses this year, be forced to report their patrons? Together, we must STAND to protect the health and civil freedoms of New Jersey residents.

In the meantime, the group is asking you to share this campaign with everyone you know. It’s likely that many people don’t even know that this is happening and it’s important to spread awareness.

Lawmakers to contact:

Richard Cody, the sponsor of S2814
District 27 (Democrat)
(973) 535-5017

Senate Judiciary Committee Members:

Nicholas Scutari - Chair
District 22 (Democrat)
(908) 587-0404

Nellie Pou - Vice-Chair
District 35 (Democrat)
(973) 247-1555

Paul Sarlo
District 36 (Democrat)
(201) 804-8118

Troy Singleton
District 7 (Democrat)
(856) 234-2790

Bob Smith
District 17 (Democrat)
(732) 752-0770

Brian Stack
District 33 (Democrat)
(201) 721-5263 (Jersey City)
(201) 376-1942 Cell

Loretta Weinberg
District 37 (Democrat)
(201) 928-0100

Kristin Corrado
District 40 (Republican)
(973) 237-1360

Michael Doherty
District 23 (Republican)
(908) 835-0552

Christopher Bateman
District 16 (Republican)
(908) 526-3600

Gerald Cardinale
District 39 (Republican)
(201) 567-2324 (Cresskill)
(862) 248-0491 (Haskell)

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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