With the stroke of a pen, we are about to close in on one-person rule in New Jersey with Gov. Murphy signing his 12th straight executive order declaring a state of emergency.

No voice for you through your elected representatives, the Assembly and state Senate, from either party. No debate on whether we should proceed with this soul-crushing, spirit-draining, depression-inducing, economy-killing state of authoritarian rule and prohibitions.

New Jersey remains the state with the highest percentage of COVID-19 deaths, mainly due to the decision early on by the Murphy administration to put coronavirus patients into long-term care facilities.

Back in last March, governors were given guidance that the virus would overwhelm the hospitals in just five days. That's according to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Some governors like Murphy and Cuomo panicked and made a calculated judgement call and they lost. They lost lives, many of them elderly residents in long-term care facilities. Perhaps in a defensive move to get out of the two top spots on the death percentage list, Murphy and Cuomo have continued to keep total control. It hasn't worked, but it continues. Why? Because the citizens of this state, either unaware of how things work, or too weak and frightened to speak up, have let it go on.

These restrictions on schools, businesses, social and religious gatherings have done more damage in the short and long term than the virus they sought to control. This has gone on 11 months too long and must end now. With cases going down, Murphy still has an iron grip on your liberty and rights. There seems to be no promise of any end in sight.

In the first month, little was known about the virus and dire predictions from faulty models by the "scientists" and health "experts" were vastly overblown. It was obvious early on, but those in power didn't want to give up their unprecedented and never intended power so soon. Shame on all of us for not making our voices heard loud enough that this is wrong. Shame on all of us for lacking the courage and self-reliance to face this adversity without letting government take away even our most basic of rights.

Call your state representative and ask them why they're allowing this tyranny to continue. You deserve an answer. The threat of this virus is not worth the cost of what they're doing to us. Other states that have opened up have had much better outcomes when it comes to the percentage of COVID deaths. Let your representatives know that this is wrong and they are not deserving of your vote in the next election is they don't demonstrate they are trying to do something about this. If not for yourself, then for the thousands who have died over the years to protect these rights they so cavalierly took away and for your kids and grandkids who deserve the preservation of our form of government and way of life.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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