Allaire Community Farm in Wall Township, Monmouth County is a place of comfort, peace, and growth for so many families in NJ.

I caught up with co-founders JoAnn and Sean Burney this week. Check out JoAnn's concise and informative explanation of what the farm does and how you can help.

It's more than an NJ farm. Most of the animals have been rescued by the Burney's. Some from truly deplorable conditions.

The animals are brought back to health and introduced to families of special needs kids and veterans suffering from a variety of physical and mental disabilities. Many of the volunteers are local students who also have special needs with the farm providing much-needed structure and community.

The farm is on more than 20 acres in Monmouth County with more than 20 horses and many other animals.

We met "Lilly the pig" and watched as kids with special needs took rides on horses providing incredible therapy for the kids' mental and physical health.

My wife Jodi joined me as we toured the farm and learned about the community involvement, the kindness of strangers who enabled the farm to continue.

We made a new friend in "Lucky the dog" who rode through the tour jumping in and out of the golf cart to check in on the other animals.

I want to thank our good friends Peter and Mary Grandich for the introduction to this great organization and for stepping up to help them personally. It's a good thing that "Lucky" was already adopted by the Burneys because I think we were close to coming home with a new dog.

Allaire Community Farm in Wall Township, NJ

Allaire Community Farm introduces animals to families of special needs kids and veterans suffering from a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

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