HILLSBOROUGH — A Hillsborough committeeman said he used “inarticulate language” during a public meeting when residents voiced support for a township mask mandate.

"Oh Jesus, same thing, mother****ing masks," Committeeman Frank DelCore is faintly heard saying around the 52-minute mark of the Jan. 5 Reorganization meeting, of which video is posted to YouTube by the township.

DelCore said at Tuesday night’s meeting that he was misquoted — though he nor a township spokesperson would confirm what exactly was misquoted.

“What was claimed I said, I unequivocally deny saying. I did use some choice language but I didn’t say what they said I said,” DelCore says about nine minutes into the meeting, also posted to Youtube by the township.

DelCore first joined the Township Committee in 2008, served as Mayor in 2009, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 and as Deputy Mayor in 2008 and 2021.

“I have been on this committee — this is my 15th year — I am not a perfect person and like many others, I am pretty fatigued by COVID and the ongoing debates over masks and, and the like,” DelCore said on Tuesday.

“In no way, shape or form was anyone’s ability to speak impeded,” he continued.

The mumbled remark at the Jan. 5 meeting had come in-between two residents in attendance, who spoke during the specific, public comment portion of the night.

The first local resident speaking began by congratulating the newly appointed mayor and deputy mayor, before sharing his thoughts on COVID protocols as a grocery store worker at the Hillsborough ShopRite.

Our Revolution Hillsborough, a grassroots political action group, has called the mumbled comment "disrespectful."

“If this has caused any undue concern to the board or the township, I certainly apologize for that. But I don’t want to let it be mistaken that it was somehow anything other than what I just stated,” DelCore said on Tuesday.

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