Heroin Uncut: The Truth About the Crisis

New Jersey 101.5 and Carrier Clinic present Heroin Uncut: The Truth About the Crisis a blunt, honest series of articles, videos and podcast episodes exploring just how heroin has tightened its grip on New Jersey — and what we can do about it.

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Episodes of Heroin Uncut so far (newest up top):

• Addiction in New Jersey: I have no f—ing hope left — Jay wanted to end Heroin Uncut with a message of hope, a call to action. But he's tired, he's disappointed — and he's incredibly angry.

• Addiction is a disease — Why this addict is absolutely sure —Think addiction to drugs is something other than a disease? How about alcohol dependence? It’s an ongoing debate in the media, around kitchen tables, and online — especially with with New Jersey's opiate crisis getting more and more out of control.

How to use Narcan — Learn in under 3 minutes — For the last few months, New Jersey residents have been able to been able to purchase naloxone — the opioid antidote better known by the brand name Narcan — without a prescription. Know how to use it and you could save a life.

Rehab, jail and hard truths: What addicts say we don’t understand — Vince, Erik and Brian are on their way to being addiction success stories. They’re each working hard to put their lives back together after years of drub abuse and poor choices — and they’re getting a lot of help. But they also know all the ways the system can fall down. A special extended edition of Heroin Uncut.

Marijuana vs. opioids — One is illegal, the other is killing us — has always believed that maybe, just maybe, if we regulated prescription opiates half as zealously as we regulate medical cannabis, we’d avoid a world of hurt.

• Taking note on addiction — hard lessons learned by NJ journalists —Everyone's talking about the opioid crisis — because it's everywhere. But too few of those making the important decisions and trying to bring light to the problem really understand it.

• Carter Stone was ‘better than the addiction’ — but it killed him anyway
 — There’s so much more to who he was. So much more to the choices he made — good and bad. So much more to the hole he’d left in the lives of relatives and friends trying to rebuild their own lives.

• The heroes and villains of New Jersey's opioid crisis — New Jersey's heroin crisis did not create itself. Big Pharma, greedy lobbyists, and dimwitted policy makers created the perfect conditions for addiction to take hold and to thrive.

• How Narcan, a great cop and a convicted killer saved my life — No conversation so far has stood out more than then one Jay had with Anthony — a recovering addict who recounted his experience being revived with Narcan.

• The Opioid Industrial Complex — This is who gets rich off your addiction — Acknowledging that addiction is big business helps clear up what’s really driving New Jersey’s opioid crisis.

Narcan is saving lives — and that's bad news — Narcan is an important tool in our war against opiates. But our reliance on it means things have already gone too far.

• Needle exchanges — Why NJ must give drug users syringes right now — An uncomfortable solution? You bet. It's also why host HIV-positive and drug-recovering host Jay Lassiter doesn't have hepatitis today.

• Heroin Uncut: Defining New Jersey's drug problem — Our language about drugs is a jumbled mess. If we don't understand the problem, we can't fix it.

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