Thought that I'd put together some helpful links for your Thanksgiving holiday. Helping you help the "COVIDiots" calm down and realize that they need to wake up, grow up and stop fearing normal life. Tell them to help you help them by listening...

Sorry, Governor Murphy, the masks simply don't work to stop the spread of anything. If they did, why are "cases" spiking?

The "cases" being touted by the Trenton government and the complicit media are nothing more than PCR tests, which have been shown to offer mostly false positives...yup, as high as 97%! After 35 cycles and even Anthony Fauci agreed. Listen to him yourself!

Coronavirus spreads faster than any government policy can handle. Nearly everyone will get the 'rona and nearly everyone will be just fine. Actually, if you're younger than 50, the flu could be way worse! So far, at least 750 million have gotten a touch of the COVID and the mortality rate is almost exactly in line with the flu.

Yes, it's cold and flu season, hospitalizations spike EVERY year and over the past ten years, we've seen up to 800k people hospitalized for the flu!

It's more dangerous to continue lockdowns than to face the virus head on. Lockdowns kill. Focused protection is needed, but don't take it from me, take it from the, now more than, 47,000 medical practitioners, docs, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists who say so!

There simply haven't been the excess deaths that the "fear-porn" media wants you to believe. Look at the deaths in England October 2020...yup, SAME as October 2019...up by 8 out of 43,000.

We see similar numbers in Sweden without masks and no lockdown. So lockdown or not, deaths are pretty much the same year over year.

For good measure I thought that this was an interesting stat. Do you realize that there's a 1 in 500,000 chance of being struck by lightning? Lockdowns every Spring from now on?

Cooler heads are starting to be heard, in Portugal a top court ruled that PCR tests are not an accurate measure and lockdowns are simply not lawful.

Lockdowns are showing to have the opposite impact on deaths, causing more not less! Sweden, with no lockdown and no mask mandate, is not even in the top ten with the so-called second wave. Actually the top five are all on full lockdown!

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