There are a bunch of beautiful places in New Jersey that I might pick for the best and most beautiful "natural wonder" here in the Garden State, but Love Exploring only picked one for New Jersey. Edwin Canas Edwin Canas

I think if I had to pick one natural wonder I'd narrow it down to two options for us here in New Jersey. The Jersey Shore coastline or the Delaware Water Gap.

Both areas are simply beautiful and should be mentioned among the best in all of America.

I didn't select the choice for the Love Exploring article but it was one of my two options for us here in the Garden State. Denis Saklakov Denis Saklakov

According to Love Exploring, "A pretty spectacular sight to take in, the Delaware Water Gap offers plenty of picture-perfect spots... There are plenty of hiking and biking trails, plus kayaking and canoeing on the water itself."

The Delaware Water Gap is a fantastic place to hike and there are plenty of acres to explore in this northwest corner of New Jersey.

Be sure to check my "Hiking New Jersey" page for details on many places that are fun to hike here in Jersey. Get information on some great parks and trails to check out here in New Jersey.

Autumn is one of our favorite times to hike, so maybe I'll see you out there.

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