When is it going to end? When will the lockdown ease so your small business can get back to normal? When will New Jersey politicians step up and address affordability among working, middle class and small-business families? The answer? Not anytime soon.

Certainly not while Phil Murphy is governor and Steve Sweeney is leading the legislature. Certainly not while the governor is continuing to play crisis actor scaring people into believing that human contact is somehow toxic and bad for people’s health. It’s ludicrous to think that with all the evidence showing ‘asymptomatic’ (that is…HEALTHY) people are simply not the disease spreaders that we remain in a panic mode with masks and distance. All factors still crushing our small business community.

The latest affront to taxpayers and small business owners? Above and beyond a new borrowing scheme that passed recently, authorizing the state to borrow up to $14 billion, all without voter approval — which will lead to higher taxes. The state is going to raise a new tax on health care premiums. Average workers will pay hundreds of dollars more each year for the same coverage they have right now. No increase in benefit, nothing to help ease the already difficult burden of affordability in NJ. Nope, just more money out of your pockets.

Although I’m not sure anyone in Trenton is listening, or even cares about the plight of the working men and women in our state, it’s still a good exercise to call them and let them know you’re disgusted with the never-ending tax hikes.

I caught up with our friends at NJBIA on Tuesday’s show to discuss the new tax and what you can do to fight back. Chrissy Buteas is the Chief Government Affairs Officer who had some strong words about the politicians in Trenton.

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