Breaking news: Governor Murphy makes a common sense statement

I’ve gotten so used to Gov. Murphy ruling the state, that it doesn’t even shock me anymore when he stands up at his press conference and gives out his weekly proclamations.

So it really stuck out to me when Gov. Murphy said that he would have a laissez-faire attitude toward Thanksgiving.

Even though the CDC recommended that we have outdoor or virtual Thanksgivings and other such utter nonsense the same way they did last year, Gov. Murphy was not going along with it. I’m fact he called those recommendations “Draconian.”

This is the first time I have ever seen Gov. Murphy veer from Federal guidelines. Murphy went out of his way to say that overall it is not the state's job to decide how you celebrate Thanksgiving.

Yet, last November, he was doing just that, parroting the Fauci recommendations.

So what’s changed? Well ... guess what happens in November? That’s right. Election day.

What a perfect time for Gov. Murphy to present a more moderate attitude to the people of New Jersey, especially when Jack Ciattarelli is making headway in his campaign.

Murphy is calling regulating Thanksgiving “out of bounds.” It’s amazing that he doesn’t know how out of bounds he’s been up until now.

Here, Gov. Murphy presents himself as a family-lovin’, independent-minded, big government-shunning guy who just cares about YOU and wants YOU to be eating turkey and stuffing with your family this year, gosh-darnit!

And isn’t that a sweet image of him to take into the voting booth next month?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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